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Hebron is a high-tech enterprises which provide comprehensive solution service for the technical advice, engineering installation and maintenance of the process piping system and clean engineering in biomedical, food and beverage, fine chemical industries,Cooperating With Zhejiang University, Hebron has set up "Zhejiang University(Xibolun) Technology R&D Center",as the technical cooperation enterprise of Zhejiang University Industrial Research Institute and member of the American Association of Engineers.

All the projects are designed and produced base on American FDA, EU GMP, WHO GMP and Chinese GMP requirement, and provide service to fit for different customer needs.

Hebron have a specialized team which contains elites of technical services, design, construction, validation and after-sales service, combined with advanced equipments and the introduction of international management experience, Hebron will be developed quickly.

In the future, Hebron will always adhere to the mission of "Fighting for the health of mankind" and the company philosophy of "Merit Meeting Anew Life,Brand Bringing A Long Future", we insist to provide high quality products and good service and sincerely look forward to working with domestic and foreign customers.
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